1. Drive efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will improve our administration processes and continue to progress efficiency measures already underway.
These include:
  • extending shared services such as common payroll and HR systems across the public service;
  • centralising Government procurement of goods and services;
  • embedding business process improvement; and
  • exploiting alternative methods of service delivery
We will do this to support the efficient and effective delivery of Public Services.
Please tell us

Do you have any views on how we could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Public Services?



Our consultation indicated that in general people have positive experiences of public services. Difficulties and challenges are now rare rather than the norm. In one group, participants said they had no negative examples of public services – they stated that “people are overworked, underpaid...
The National Disability Authority broadly welcomes the proposal to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services. There is a risk that such improvements could be progressed at the expense of access to services for people with disabilities and staff with disabilities. We have...
By simply talking to service users Public Services will be in a better position to know what will work for service users and thus increase effectiveness and efficiency.  Before choosing to utilise alternative delivery methods it is crucial that the public is consulted in a real and meaningfull...
 Be person centred.  Be pro-active and supportive.  Ensure the full & pro-active provision of information.  Ensure flexibility in the system to facilitate participation.  Deliver good support services.  Ensure integrated provision within and across relevant Departments, Agencies, and...
Several of the initiatives already identified in the Public Service ICT Strategy and in the eGovernment Strategy 2017-2020, once implemented, will enable significant improvements in effectiveness and efficiency. Together, these strategies will put in place the foundations for the Public Service...