10. Embed programme and project management

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We aim to strengthen how well we manage programmes and projects. Well-managed programmes and projects are critical to how we work, to the successful achievement of Government priorities, the management of public finances and the delivery of public services. Project management helps identify priorities and effective allocation of resources, monitoring of progress and delivery of results.
We will encourage people to use more project and programme management skills and methodology to:
  • improve how we work; and
  • deliver better and more measurable outcomes.
Please tell us

Do you think programmes are delivered and projects carried out well by the Public Service?
Where is it carried out well?
Can we learn from best practice?

A significant aspect of well-managed programmes and projects is the capacity to measure progress and outcomes in order to demonstrate success or identify areas for improvement. On-going monitoring of progress is a way of accomplishing this in a timely and efficient manner, enabling rapid course...
 Varies.  Recent consultation with Community Employment scheme sponsors regarding latest changes was carried out well.  Good practise of “matching clients to programmes” should also use human resources as well as computer-generated referrals. In the recent Jobs Ireland difficulties Intreo, LES...
Every organisation can learn from best practice. For example, IBM’s continuous improvement governance model completes thorough lessons learned following the delivery of projects and programmes. These lessons are then adopted into the Standardised Project Management practices which provide the...
The CIB does not have a specific view on this other than to state that there are clearly some public services that reflect good practice. There are some good practice collaborative initiatives throughout the country in providing supported housing for people with a disability and older people...
Sharing of best practice is always worthwhile and new initiatives can be shared through newsletters and blogs.