15. Build capability and skills

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will identify training needs and opportunities to make sure staff have the right skills to perform the job they need to do, at the right time.
We will also develop our training capacity, to develop skills in areas like:
  • information and communications technology (ICT);
  • human resources (HR);
  • data analysis; and
  • leadership and management.
Please tell us

What skills do you think should be a priority for the Public Services?

15. Build capability and skills
Communication skills and customer service including equality/diversity/disability training etc. See 4 & 17 Most organisation have customer charters, and various policies that are not always adhered to.  Ensure that staff understand the importance of these policies and that they are...
Action 15 – Build capability and skills
Future proof the Public Service skills requirements by evaluating the existing skills by age profiles.  This will assist effective succession planning. The effective development of data analysis is highly dependent on data quality and standards.  This can be managed by effective...
What skills do you think should be a priority for the Public Services?
Trades, crafts and management to manage well. Development of marketing and social media to reach out to all in the community through accessibility mediums. Local promoters for jobs, tourism and enterprise.