15. Build capability and skills

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will identify training needs and opportunities to make sure staff have the right skills to perform the job they need to do, at the right time.
We will also develop our training capacity, to develop skills in areas like:
  • information and communications technology (ICT);
  • human resources (HR);
  • data analysis; and
  • leadership and management.
Please tell us

What skills do you think should be a priority for the Public Services?

To reflect the public that it services, the public service should have a range of skills and capabilities within it, and should uphold principles of diversity and equality. Effective work-force planning, as described above, will feed into this process, as will a review of the on-going developments...
 Critical thinking; communication; organisational skills; inter-personal skills, team work; financial management; listening skills; the ability to empathise with people and their circumstances.  An ability to collaborate; innovation; and use creative problem solving.
IBM agrees with the point made in the OECD’s Assessment of Ireland’s Second Public Service Reform Plan 2014-16 that there will be a need for increased skills specialisation within the Public Service. This will be true in relation to IT skills such as Data Science, Data Analysis, Cloud Computing...
Skills in data analysis and the gathering and interpretation of feedback will be important across the public sector.
The AEOA welcomes the SOLAS FET Professional Development Strategy 2017-2019 and the roadmap it presents for creating the infrastructure and delivery systems for high-quality professional development within the sector. The AEOA will create structures and facilitate access to education and...