17. Promote equality, diversity and inclusion

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will build a Public Service that:
  • values diversity;
  • promotes equality;
  • promotes and protects human rights;
  • allows everyone to have a voice and to be listened to; and
  • represents the wider population.
Please tell us

Do you think the Public Service is sufficiently representative of our population?
What improvements could we make?
How can we better fulfil our public-sector duty to promote human rights and equality and prevent discrimination both for our customers and our staff?

The NDA welcomes the commitment to promote equality, diversity and inclusion within the public service. As a population, 13.8% of us currently have a disability and a significant number of us will age into a disability. However, only 3.6% of the public sector work-force is currently comprised of...
Sone points highlighted by our members include; For deaf people, they regards language access as a primary disability in accessing service and social/cultural activities. Public service needs to look at language access in terms of accessible for all language. Many Deaf people struggle with...
 No - on-going change in the composition of Irish society will necessitate the development and delivery of services in ways that are relevant and appropriate to a culturally diverse country – including ensuring that the composition of the state’s workforce is representative of the community it...
Based on census figures the simple answer is no. This is not surprising given the recent recruitment embargo and the dramatic demographics changes that have occurred during the Celtic Tiger era. Today 17% of current population Ireland are termed ‘non-nationals’. What improvements could we make...
While there has been considerable progress in this regard, there remains a need to continue to develop positive approaches to diversity, to deepen and expand representative mechanisms throughout the service delivery system, and to develop and refresh awareness of the particular needs of vulnerable...