19. Increase employee engagement

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We want to measure and increase Public Service employee engagement. This means, we want to:
  • listen better to our employees;
  • consider their opinions;
  • value their contributions; and
  • make sure their views are taken on board.
Please tell us

Do you have ideas about how we could engage more with and listen better to our employees?

Strong employee engagement is one route to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector, while also ensuring that the voices of all employees are heard. There are likely to be challenges involved in implementing this in a meaningful way so as to drive and achieve ongoing...
 Staff training and development, which encourages promotion both within the public service and beyond the public service, could foster trust that the employer is interested in the employee’s career goals.  Valuing “saving” resources such as money, time or effort must come second to valuing...
Conducting employee surveys using advanced technology provides an engaging experience for participants, and makes it simple to capture and understand feedback from employees. With these results you will learn about your workforce, tackle identified challenges, and create solutions designed to...
The AEOA maintain that respect should be the core value within the public service - respect for self, respect for the public, respect for staff, respect for management and respect for each other. Communication is a two way process and organisational leaders listen to their staff. Staff...
Do you have ideas about how we could engage more with and listen better to our employees? From the perspective of IT professionals working in the public sector, I believe they would be more engaged if they felt valued and respected in the way the ICS does. ICS provides professional recognition...