2. Accelerate digital delivery

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will make more Public Services available online which will work in the same way as Revenue Online; Motor Tax Online; and Passports Online.
We will help citizens to access Public Services that are available online. One example of this is the Getting Citizens Online Programme which focuses on encouraging and empowering citizens to participate fully in Ireland's digital economy and society.
Please tell us

What is your experience of our online Public Services?
Do you have ideas about how we could improve our online services?

“Don’t increase online services to the detriment of face-to-face” “When I’m paying bills online, my family have to help me. We need more options as well as online” “More staff, less computers” “We are scared of it [online services]. We don’t want to ever only have this as a choice. [We]...
Availability of properly designed online services can be empowering for people who might have difficulty in accessing face-to-face services. This includes people with mobility difficulties, people who find it difficult to use public transport, people in rural locations and people with poor language...
Access to reliable internet has increased with the latest CRO figures showing 89% of households have internet access.  The quality and speed of this access varies hugely between rural and urban areas.  While access has increased there is still 11% of households in Ireland without and...
 Feedback to the organisation is mixed, some people find it very useful, but find the requirement for some services of two email addresses unnecessary and disabling requirement.  Others have found the potential development useful, but its actual roll-out less than helpful and ultimately...
In our experience (e.g. in implementing the Motor Tax Online system), the Irish public are keen to use digital delivery channels and appreciate the advantages they can offer. However, the quality and consistency of Public Services that are available online today is quite varied. As the number...