20. Review Public Service culture and values

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We aim to measure organisational culture through culture and values reviews. Organisational culture describes the organisational values, assumptions and beliefs that govern how people think and behave in their organisations. We want a thriving, dynamic, positive, inclusive and supportive organisational culture. In such a culture, employees are valued and supported in their jobs to do their best, so that they can deliver the best Public Services for our citizens.
Please tell us

Are there improvements Public Service organisations can make to improve their organisational culture?

We welcome the commitment to improving and developing the public service organisational culture. In doing so, it will be important to recognise the complexity of the public service and the diversity of organisations contained within it. While the public service as a whole may uphold a set of...
Ireland is a society that attempts to take care of all society members.  The extent to which this works is a different discussion but we all live in a society with supports for those who require them.  People accessing supports need to stop feeling as if they are asking for help and be...
 From an unemployed perspective, there is a need for the Department of Social Protection to address perceptions that there is a culture of suspicion and a lack of trust in relation to their engagement with some unemployed people.  Overall there is a need to move beyond a culture of containment...
For culture to truly take root, an organisation’s values must be reinforced in visible and practical ways, including for example in how managers approach objective setting, performance appraisal, employee development and promotion. One practical example within IBM is our Business Conduct...
Continue to foster an ethos of full openness and transparency in all engagements with the public – this is at the very core of citizenship and social solidarity.