3. Optimise the use of data to provide services

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will use and fully exploit our data to design better policy and services.
This includes building:
  • the National Data Infrastructure: a set of management practices to govern a reliable data system for the Public Service which will improve its handling of data and benefit citizens; and
  • an Open Data Strategy: a strategy to make Government data more accessible (‘open’) which would result in new opportunities for research, innovation, transparency, engagement and greater efficiency.
Please tell us

How can we use data better to deliver more effective Public Services?


As the organisation with the remit to provide evidence-based advice to government on matters to do with disability, the NDA welcomes a commitment to use data to design better policies and services. Understanding how services are accessed and used and the profile of the users is critical to ensuring...
 Demonstrate that the better use of data actually leads to better services, and that it is not being used, nor will it be used, to limit or control access.  Demonstrate that feedback from the ground, from groups and individuals working on and living with particular issues, is not only heard but...
It is important to be transparent about how data will be used across the Public Service, and demonstrate strong governance and data protection practices. In this context the proposed National Data Infrastructure under the eGovernment Strategy will be a key initiative, as will the Data Governance...
Open Data access should be extended and expanded. The public generally and, specifically, agencies/advocates/researchers should be permitted the widest possible access to both raw data sources and processed information within public service agencies.   A possible example would be the...
Open Data and Data Sharing is to be recommended and encouraged. The AEOA would highlight that in order to achieve the acceleration of digital delivery of services greater collaboration is required between Government Departments. High speed broadband is required particularly in rural communities...