4. Professionalise customer service

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We want to provide the highest standards of customer service to our citizens. We will do this by continuing to:
  • share and embed good practices;
  • implement the standards of service set out under customer charters;
  • provide training for our staff; and
  • conduct quality checks and survey customer satisfaction.
Please tell us

Have you experienced positive and professional customer service from Public Services?
What was it about your experience that was positive?
Or, was your experience less than positive?
How can we improve?

People who responded to our consultation described both positive and negative experiences of customer services from public services. In many cases, people found customer service staff to be civil, positive, reliable and helpful and this contributes to a positive customer experience. In other...
The National Disability Authority appreciates initiatives toward professionalising customer services. It recognises that whole organisation commitment is key to aligning with elements of systems change across; Policy, Legislation, Quality Assurance, Standards, Regulations, Guidelines/Toolkits and...
Accessibility Officers should be available to the public and organisations working on behalf of the public at all times.  Accessibility Officers should be fully trained and competent in all aspects of accessibility before being appointed the roles. Front line staff should be familiar...
 Local Employment Service has developed expertise in supporting people who are longer-term unemployed.  LES ethos of treating the individual with empathy and respect seen as positive aspect.  Lack of choice about whether or not the unemployed person referred to the service can engage with it or...
The experience of CIB supported services generally is that customer service from front-line Public Services staff is in the main positive when people come face to face with service providers. Most dissatisfaction arises with issues of access, rather than with the quality of the services, e.g. long...