5. Make services more accessible

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We aim to increase accessibility of Public Services. Our Public Services should be accessible to all. We will make information as clear and as understandable as possible, considering the diverse needs of our public. For example, the Universal Design Toolkit for Customer Engagement sets out how to best communicate in writing, orally and online with citizens.
Please tell us

How do you think we can make our Public Services more accessible to all?



In all of the focus groups, the need to ensure the physical accessibility of public buildings and the public built environment was highlighted. All respondents felt strongly that people using wheelchairs or with other mobility difficulties needed to be able to easily access public buildings and...
Accessible services should use a whole systems, Universal Design Approach that considers the range of possible customer accessibility needs and how physical and social environmental factors impact on customer experiences. Design activities should ensure participation by people with a wide range of...
All public services should complete an independent accessibility audit and agree to action any points highlighted as a matter of urgency.
 Commit to and deliver on an inclusive service and identify how the requirements of ‘public sector duty’ will be met.  Be person centred.  Be pro-active and supportive.  Ensure the full & pro-active provision of information.  Ensure flexibility in the system to facilitate participation. ...
We believe that by implementing Design Thinking practices would be an effective way to ensure that public services are more accessible for all. Accessible by design To ensure a more accessible public service, the public service needs to understand the needs of the citizen, how those needs...