6. Engage more with the public

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We aim to involve the public in designing ways to deliver frontline services. We want greater engagement between our Public Service organisations and our citizens. We will listen to citizens to understand their views and expectations so we can provide the best public services and solutions. We will seek to engage more with citizens through:
  • public consultations;
  • open policy discussions, involving academics, experts and members of the public;
  • customer surveys; and
  • public participation networks: networks that enable the public and organisations to voice their views and interests within the local government system.
Please tell us

What ideas do you have for greater engagement between Public Services organisations and citizens?

The importance of engagement with public services and the value of human contact was highlighted repeatedly in our consultation. People spoke of how interaction with public services helped them to feel part of and integrated into their communities. The local post office was identified as an...
Improved public engagement is welcome, but needs to be done within a structure and framework to ensure that it is meaningful and effective. Multiple concurrent consultation events and exercises from various different arms of public services are not helpful in achieving real and meaningful...
Deaf organisations should be consulted to involve with the policymakers and about the way that services are designed and delivered – it will save a value of money for both. Documents given to public tends to be very bulky and take long time to read and digest. They need to be much more concise...
 Current consultation is a good example.  Focus groups on particular issues would also be helpful, but it would be essential that such spaces are used to facilitate people to debate the issues constructively.  On-going consultative mechanisms, such as ideas boxes on the Department’s website. ...
The full implementation of the Second National Action Plan under the Open Government Partnership Initiative –  the CIB has previously identified the following as necessary components of an Open Government Strategy: Effective citizen participation A more devolved local government...