7. Significantly improve communication

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We want to improve how we explain what we do and what we offer to the public. We will communicate using clear language to:
  • explain our Public Services; and
  • help build public understanding around policy and resource decisions.
Please tell us

Do you have suggestions about how we can communicate better?

Ireland has a complex system of public services and entitlements for its citizens. Services are delivered through a variety of service providers and the rules relating to entitlements are complex. The Citizens Information Board provides an essential support to people in accessing these entitlements...
Clear language is an essential prerequisite for effective communication from public services. Unfortunately, this is often lacking from both official and individual communications. The current public service culture relies more on policy-speak, jargon and vagueness (“will be available in due course...
 Again, communication cannot be improved if access to services is not equal.  There are numerous different reasons why people may experience difficulty with existing ‘normal’ communication methods.  Availability of interpreters, large print etc. will all help.  As would reducing...
 All communication to individuals should be clear and unambiguous as to what is expected of and on offer to the recipient.  Must be communicated in a constructive and non-threatening manner.  Where a ‘contract’ is being signed e.g. DSP’s ‘Record of Mutual Commitments’, there must be: clarity as...
Continued promotion of clear language and Plain English;   Avoidance of information overload;   A realistic and informed appreciation of the limits of information absorption;   Signposting rather than information overload;   Problem-solving mechanisms that assist...