7. Significantly improve communication

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We want to improve how we explain what we do and what we offer to the public. We will communicate using clear language to:
  • explain our Public Services; and
  • help build public understanding around policy and resource decisions.
Please tell us

Do you have suggestions about how we can communicate better?

7. Significantly improve communication
Keep it simple Show that consultation is valued i.e people are listened to and what they say is respected with a definite outcome whether it is a positive outcome or a reason otherwise. One size does not fit all – good communication uses all forms of media, written and spoken Do not run...
Short,Sharp & Succinct
We are in todays world with social media , texting, email , etc overloaded with messaging/communications in varying formats. Peoples attention span and capacity to take on board new messages/communications is limited. In order to communicate effectively the 'what we do' and 'why we do it'  we...
Action 7 – Significantly improve communication
The most effective communication is the delivery of agreed actions.  Continually highlighting intentions only persists in revealing infrastructure deficits. Extend the remit of the ‘Iris Oifigiuil’ to incorporate all public sector notices.
Do you have suggestions about how we can communicate better?
Video presentations on website, larger print and weekly newsletters to public who signup form mail shots.