8. Establish a Public Service Innovation Centre

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will develop ways to encourage new thinking and innovative ideas about how to do things better. We will establish a Public Service Innovation Centre.
We will do this to support problem-solving and innovation in service delivery.
Please tell us

What Public Services innovations are you aware of in Ireland or elsewhere?
Do you have examples of innovation in your organisation or your community?
Do you have ideas on particular systems or services that could be done better?

Innovation is when design and creativity converge to create a new product or service that is useful and will be used by the public. Therefore a core principle of the innovation centre should be “Universal Design thinking” that considers the needs of people at both ends of the bell curve and in so...
 The INOU is aware of project work that has made inroads into addressing challenges facing communities experience long-term unemployment.  Amongst the key learning from these projects were the following important aspects:  A clear focus and vision.  Setting of and meeting of targets.  Using a...
A recent study, conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value and the Economist Intelligence Unit, shows that organisations that outperform their peers actually approach innovation differently from other organizations. Analysis of responses from more than 1,000 Csuite level executives...
There are clearly some innovations and good practice in inter-agency collaboration at local level. These include, for example, joint initiatives involving a local authority, a voluntary/community organisation and the HSE in meeting the accommodation and related support needs of people with a...
Access to and encouragement by management of ongoing training and continuous development particularly in areas such as leadership will enable and facilitate greater innovation and change. Staff ‘suggestion boxes’ have encouraged responsibility sharing and change while giving recognition to ‘...