9. Strengthen whole-of-Government collaboration

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

We will develop ways of working together across our Public Services, to deliver better coordinated Public Services and public policy. We will do this using:
  • existing whole-of-Government cooperation initiatives, such as the National Action Plan on Jobs;
  • networks at local level such as Local Community and Development Committees (LCDCs), and at national level such as Cabinet Committees.
Please tell us

What improvements do you think we could make to coordinate and collaborate more across the Public Service?

Coordination and collaboration is absolutely essential to ensuring that public services can support people with disabilities, people with mental health difficulties and older people. Generally, they are among the people who are most reliant on public services. This means that they spend...
The NDA welcomes the commitment to strengthening whole-of-government cooperation to drive more coordinated services and policies for the benefit of all. Cross-departmental cooperation is increasingly evident in many of the areas in which the NDA advises the Minister on coordinated services and...
 Consistency across policy making and implementation.  A clear focus and vision.  Setting of and meeting of targets.  Using a positive and supportive client-centred approach.  Ensure that broadband provision is adequate to support on-line services; assist people through practical supports to...
Most important social problems cut across the boundaries of typical government departments and agencies, so working effectively to solve these problems is not easy. Many governments have tried various approaches to cross-agency collaboration. We believe that the experiences of the New Zealand...
The emphasis at the general policy level7 on the need to co-ordinate and integrate services at the point of delivery is frequently not translated into actual practice. A 2013 Council of Europe Report, Local Democracy in Ireland 8 noted that Ireland does not have enough constitutional protection for...