Delivering for our Public

Delivering for our Public

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

Public Services Development and Innovation Framework


Headline Actions

With supportive explanatory text for the Public Consultation

Delivering for our Public

Drive efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery

We will improve our administration processes and continue to progress efficiency measures already underway.
These include:
  • extending shared services such as common payroll and HR systems across the public service;
  • centralising Government procurement of goods and services;
  • embedding business process improvement; and
  • exploiting alternative methods of service delivery
We will do this to support the efficient and effective delivery of Public Services.
Please tell us

Do you have any views on how we could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Public Services?


Accelerate digital delivery

We will make more Public Services available online which will work in the same way as Revenue Online; Motor Tax Online; and Passports Online.
We will help citizens to access Public Services that are available online. One example of this is the Getting Citizens Online Programme which focuses on encouraging and empowering citizens to participate fully in Ireland's digital economy and society.
Please tell us

What is your experience of our online Public Services?
Do you have ideas about how we could improve our online services?


Optimise the use of data to provide services

We will use and fully exploit our data to design better policy and services.
This includes building:
  • the National Data Infrastructure: a set of management practices to govern a reliable data system for the Public Service which will improve its handling of data and benefit citizens; and
  • an Open Data Strategy: a strategy to make Government data more accessible (‘open’) which would result in new opportunities for research, innovation, transparency, engagement and greater efficiency.
Please tell us

How can we use data better to deliver more effective Public Services?


Professionalise customer service

We want to provide the highest standards of customer service to our citizens. We will do this by continuing to:
  • share and embed good practices;
  • implement the standards of service set out under customer charters;
  • provide training for our staff; and
  • conduct quality checks and survey customer satisfaction.
Please tell us

Have you experienced positive and professional customer service from Public Services?
What was it about your experience that was positive?
Or, was your experience less than positive?
How can we improve?


Make services more accessible

We aim to increase accessibility of Public Services. Our Public Services should be accessible to all. We will make information as clear and as understandable as possible, considering the diverse needs of our public. For example, the Universal Design Toolkit for Customer Engagement sets out how to best communicate in writing, orally and online with citizens.
Please tell us

How do you think we can make our Public Services more accessible to all?


Engage more with the public

We aim to involve the public in designing ways to deliver frontline services. We want greater engagement between our Public Service organisations and our citizens. We will listen to citizens to understand their views and expectations so we can provide the best public services and solutions. We will seek to engage more with citizens through:
  • public consultations;
  • open policy discussions, involving academics, experts and members of the public;
  • customer surveys; and
  • public participation networks: networks that enable the public and organisations to voice their views and interests within the local government system.
Please tell us

What ideas do you have for greater engagement between Public Services organisations and citizens?


Significantly improve communication

We want to improve how we explain what we do and what we offer to the public. We will communicate using clear language to:
  • explain our Public Services; and
  • help build public understanding around policy and resource decisions.
Please tell us

Do you have suggestions about how we can communicate better?