Developing our People and Organisations

Developing our People and Organisations

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

Public Services Development and Innovation Framework


Headline Actions

With supportive explanatory text for the Public Consultation

Developing our People and Organisations

Embed strategic human resources management in the Public Service

We want to make sure that human resources support the achievement of the priorities and organisational strategies of Public Service organisations. This will help us to deliver the best possible Public Services and solutions for citizens.
Please tell us

What improvements do you think we can make to ensure strategic HRM is meeting the needs of the Public Service?


Mainstream strategic workforce planning in the Public Service

We need to identify what future skills are required across the Public Service, as well as where and when. Workforce planning allows for succession planning to deal with potential loss of knowledge and essential skills as well as identifying the opportunities to embed new skills.
Please tell us

What important challenges and opportunities do you think strategic workforce planning could help the Public Service meet?


Build capability and skills

We will identify training needs and opportunities to make sure staff have the right skills to perform the job they need to do, at the right time.
We will also develop our training capacity, to develop skills in areas like:
  • information and communications technology (ICT);
  • human resources (HR);
  • data analysis; and
  • leadership and management.
Please tell us

What skills do you think should be a priority for the Public Services?


Strengthen performance management

We want to manage the development of employees’ skills and performance so that they can perform at their best.
Under the Public Services Stability Agreement 2017 (draft agreement reached between Government and the public service unions), if ratified, every Public Service body will have an employee performance management system in place by 1 January 2019.
Please tell us

Do you think that having performance management will help deliver better quality public services?


Promote equality, diversity and inclusion

We will build a Public Service that:
  • values diversity;
  • promotes equality;
  • promotes and protects human rights;
  • allows everyone to have a voice and to be listened to; and
  • represents the wider population.
Please tell us

Do you think the Public Service is sufficiently representative of our population?
What improvements could we make?
How can we better fulfil our public-sector duty to promote human rights and equality and prevent discrimination both for our customers and our staff?


Articulate Public Service vision and values

At the heart of good public sector governance is the desire to serve the public interest and work for the greater good of all citizens. Values are the cornerstone of good governance. An overarching Public Service vision and values will inform the direction of the Public Service. This will enable us to clearly explain who we are, what we stand for and what we aim to achieve.
Please tell us

What do you think our Public Service Vision should be?
What do you see as the most important Public Service values?


Increase employee engagement

We want to measure and increase Public Service employee engagement. This means, we want to:
  • listen better to our employees;
  • consider their opinions;
  • value their contributions; and
  • make sure their views are taken on board.
Please tell us

Do you have ideas about how we could engage more with and listen better to our employees?


Review Public Service culture and values

We aim to measure organisational culture through culture and values reviews. Organisational culture describes the organisational values, assumptions and beliefs that govern how people think and behave in their organisations. We want a thriving, dynamic, positive, inclusive and supportive organisational culture. In such a culture, employees are valued and supported in their jobs to do their best, so that they can deliver the best Public Services for our citizens.
Please tell us

Are there improvements Public Service organisations can make to improve their organisational culture?