Innovating for our future

Innovating for our future

Consultation: Our Public Service 2020

Public Services Development and Innovation Framework


Headline Actions

With supportive explanatory text for the Public Consultation

Innovating for our future

Establish a Public Service Innovation Centre

We will develop ways to encourage new thinking and innovative ideas about how to do things better. We will establish a Public Service Innovation Centre.
We will do this to support problem-solving and innovation in service delivery.
Please tell us

What Public Services innovations are you aware of in Ireland or elsewhere?
Do you have examples of innovation in your organisation or your community?
Do you have ideas on particular systems or services that could be done better?


Strengthen whole-of-Government collaboration

We will develop ways of working together across our Public Services, to deliver better coordinated Public Services and public policy. We will do this using:
  • existing whole-of-Government cooperation initiatives, such as the National Action Plan on Jobs;
  • networks at local level such as Local Community and Development Committees (LCDCs), and at national level such as Cabinet Committees.
Please tell us

What improvements do you think we could make to coordinate and collaborate more across the Public Service?


Embed programme and project management

We aim to strengthen how well we manage programmes and projects. Well-managed programmes and projects are critical to how we work, to the successful achievement of Government priorities, the management of public finances and the delivery of public services. Project management helps identify priorities and effective allocation of resources, monitoring of progress and delivery of results.
We will encourage people to use more project and programme management skills and methodology to:
  • improve how we work; and
  • deliver better and more measurable outcomes.
Please tell us

Do you think programmes are delivered and projects carried out well by the Public Service?
Where is it carried out well?
Can we learn from best practice?


Prioritise evidence and evaluation

We will measure and use evidence of success or failure in existing policy and programmes to learn from our experiences and inform how we deliver Public Services with better outcomes for citizens.
Please tell us

How can we measure the real impact of services we deliver?


Build strategic planning capability

We aim to significantly strengthen how well we define our strategy direction, make decisions and allocate resources. We will strive to overcome any barriers to putting these plans in place.
We want to further develop the skills that allow us to think strategically so we can:
  • plan for challenges and opportunities facing the Public Service;
  • make sure long-term planning is effective; and
  • make sure our plans are flexible enough to adjust to new and unexpected developments.
Please tell us

What important long-term challenges do you think the Public Service needs to prepare for?
What should our priorities be in relation to strategic planning?